Ivy Engine

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• C++, Direct3D11 and HLSL.

• Deferred shading using MRT.

• Post-processing effects pipeline including chromatic aberration, blur, tone mapping and greyscale that are stackable through the use of the ping-pong technique.

• Winsock2 P2P Networking. [WIP]

• Threading of individual systems using C++11 threads. [WIP]

• 30+ HLSL Shader Model 5.0 shaders including Hull, Domain and Geometry Shaders.

• Dynamic view-dependent hardware tessellation.

• Procedural terrain and geometric primitives generated using tessellation and Perlin Noise.

• Geometric primitives generated through the use of Raymarching and distance functions.

• Complete scene initialisation from a configuration file.

• Texture mapping, bump mapping, environment mapping and wireframe rasterizer.

• Geometry Shader based alpha-blended billboarded quad particle system.

• Interactive UI (AntTweakBar) offering a high-level of run-time customisability.

• Shadow mapping. [WIP]

• UWP integration. [WIP]

• Abstract, scalable, robust and reusable.